Double Chin? Give Kybella a Try!

No matter how fit you are, a double chin can make you feel like you look heavier. This difficult area of the body is very hard to target with diet and exercise. If you are fed up with your double chin, consider giving Kybella® a try. This non-surgical and minimally-invasive treatment could have you saying goodbye to excess fat underneath your chin forever.

What is Kybella® and How Does It Work?

Kybella® is the brand name for deoxycholic acid, a chemical your body naturally makes in the intestines. When you choose this treatment, precise injections are made into the submental fullness (double chin.) It comes into contact with the local fat cells and destroys them. Once the cells have been destroyed, their contents are released and your body naturally eliminates them.

Prior to the treatment, we will sit down at a consultation, where we can discuss your goals and whether or not this is the correct choice for you. When you come in for you Kybella® injections, the area will ensure accuracy. After the treatment, there is no set downtime. You can have this treatment done over a break from your other daily activities and then return to your errands.

Results with Kybella®

Unlike with surgery, the results from Kybella® develop over time as your body flushes out the fat. Many people prefer this because it looks more natural. You will achieve your peak results in the weeks after the treatment, but you’ll likely notice improvements much sooner. It can take more than one session of this treatment in order to reach your goals.

Once the fat cells are destroyed, they are gone for good. You do not have to worry about your body trying to replace or repair them. Once you have reached your goals, further treatments should not be necessary as long as you stay at a healthy weight.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Kybella®?

This is a great treatment for anyone who is 18 or older and bothered by having a double chin. It is a great alternative to an invasive and expensive surgery that will take you away from your normal life.

Learn more about Kybella® and what makes it such an effective double chin treatment by booking an appointment at Physician Artistry in Sterling, VA. We would be happy to schedule you for a consultation, where a personalized treatment plan can be made. Contact us today to set up your appointment and get started!