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Is GAINSWave® the non-invasive answer to sexual performance you’ve been waiting for? Find out for yourself.

GAINSWave® is a proven, safe procedure for men. It can optimize sexual performance and reverse the effects of blood-flow related erectile dysfunction—without surgery or pills. That can lead to more and better erections—and more confidence when it counts.

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If trouble in the bedroom is taking the fun out of life, then you already know that self-confidence is everything. But as you age, sexual performance begins to suffer—no matter what you do. The blood vessels that supply blood to your penis begin to collapse, making it harder to get or maintain an erection. And it’s difficult to feel like you’re at your best when nature is working against you!

Enter GAINSWave, a non-invasive, drug-free treatment that uses focused pulses of energy to restore bloodflow to the penis in once-constricted areas, enhancing tissue growth to facilitate erectile function over an extended period of time. Pills increase bloodflow—and they don’t work if your blood vessels are damaged. But GAINSWave pulses “wake up” dormant erectile tissue and encourage the creation of new blood vessels.

GAINSWave was developed based on the results of over 40 clinical research studies that support the effectiveness of shockwave therapy for sexual health, and is proven safe and comfortable.

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A Breakthrough Solution for Men Seeking Better Erections & Optimal Sexual Performance

GAINSWave uses low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy to improve your sexual performance. Acoustic waves are applied to the soft tissue of the penis; these waves stimulate stem cells and growth factors to repair blood vessels and help new blood vessels grow. This protocol allows the penis to accept more blood, leading to better quality erections.

GAINSWave sends acoustic waves—that you can’t see, hear or feel—into the genitals. Your body responds by “waking up” and repairing existing blood vessels, as well as creating new ones. This results in improved blood flow to the penis, improved quality of erections, and more enjoyable sexual performance.

At Physician Artistry, we typically recommend 6 to 12 treatments, depending on the severity of your symptoms and your goals.

The medical journal “Therapeutic Advances in Urology” reports that the effects of GAINSWave can last for up to two years.

Yes. For example, for the right patients we often combine GAINSWave and bioidentical hormone treatments.

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About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to keep and maintain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse or activity. ED can be the total inability to reach erection, an inconsistency to do so, or the inability to sustain it for extended periods of time.

There are several causes of erectile dysfunction in men, several of which are influenced by hormones. For a man with ED, a harder erection can lead to a more satisfying sexual experience. Dr. Bruce Thomas, founder of Physician Artistry, has successfully helped hundreds of men with ED.

Our mission at Physician Artistry is to give you the ED treatment that you deserve! It’s never too early or too late to seek ED management, whether your problem comes from prescription drug side effects, hypertension, diabetes, injury, or a radical prostatectomy. Don’t suffer from ED—talk to Physician Artistry to determine the cause of the problem and obtain a treatment method that is best for you.

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