Why Consider Chemical Peels?

Uneven skin texture or tone, prominent blemishes and scar tissue, and a brittle skin surface are all common problems for mature adults. Some of the simple skin rejuvenation techniques such as the application of moisturizers don’t result in much improvement. On the other hand, stimulating new tissue growth generally results in healthier skin layers, and that’s the idea behind chemical peels.

If the epidermis is removed via a peel, the lower skin layers respond by accelerating the creation of a new skin surface. These cells are generally much healthier than what they are replacing. We offer different types of peel treatments, each of which targets specific problems with the appearance and structure of the skin.

The Ideal Candidate

As we age and mature, our skin doesn’t remain as supple and evenly toned as it did when we were younger. Any type of injury such as an acne scar or cut may become permanent, and the tissue that makes up the blemish becomes darker and more visible. A superficial chemical peel can help improve these visual signs of aging.

Moderate wrinkling caused by a decrease in the amount of moisture and proteins in the skin can make an individual look much older than they truly area. A medium-depth peel treatment can help smooth the skin and reduce the severity of non-set wrinkles.

A deep chemical peel can improve the appearance of the skin that’s been damaged by years of overexposure to the sun. During a consultation, we will examine the client’s face and determine whether or not one of these peel treatments is the ideal solution.

Performing a Chemical Peel

Peel treatments are performed in the comfort of our office. We apply the solution to the skin surface and allow it to sit for a set amount of time. We then wash off the solution. The final result is smoother, more radiant-appearing skin over time.

Advantages Over Other Treatments

Chemical peels are easy to perform, and there’s no major recovery time required. Even though an acid is used, the procedure is considered safe for healthy individuals. This is an advantage over certain other treatments that carry a bunch of risks with them. Chemical peels don’t affect the skin health directly, but they do encourage rapid growth of replacement tissue, something that often doesn’t occur with other treatments.

Get a more youthful appearance without the need for surgical skin repositioning with a simple chemical peel treatment at Physician Artistry. Contact us today to book an appointment in Sterling and learn more information!