CoolSculpting for Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Diet and exercise are important, but sometimes they are not enough. This is why CoolSculpting® has exploded in popularity recently. It is specifically designed to target those areas that hang on to stubborn fat. It is a non-surgical, non-invasive, and highly effective option to help you finally get the body you’ve been working toward.

How CoolSculpting® Works

CoolSculpting® kills fat, literally. It reduces the temperature of the fat cells in the problem areas being treated to the point that they cannot survive. When this happens, the contents of the cells are then released into the body, where it can begin the process of naturally flushing it out. The device is designed to freeze the fat cells without damaging your skin.

You may wonder how long these cells will be unable to store fat. The answer is forever! Fat cells that are destroyed are never repaired or replaced by your body. In fact, you have had a steady number of fat cells since you were a teenager. This does not mean you will be immune from gaining weight, however. Different problem areas will develop in the future if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When you come in for this treatment, you will be able to relax. CoolSculpting® is considered a very comfortable, even relaxing treatment. Many people pass the time during treatment reading or playing on their phone.

Results with CoolSculpting®

Results are not immediately obvious with this treatment. It takes the body some time to flush out the released fat. Most people will begin noticing improvements by the 3-week mark. Peak results are often reached around 2 months. Since the results are gradual, they are very natural-looking. There is no reason anyone would have to know you had this treatment done if you did not want them to. Results are permanent with a healthy lifestyle.

Who Should Consider CoolSculpting®?

This is a great way to lose stubborn pockets of fat and sculpt your ideal body. It is not, however, intended to be a treatment for obesity. An ideal candidate for this treatment will be near their body goals and will have already established healthy habits. CoolSculpting® is a great option for people wanting dramatic results without having to undergo surgery.

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