Freeze Fat with Non-Surgical CoolSculpting Treatments!

You never skip a daily workout. You always fill your fridge and your body with foods that are good for you. You should have the most amazing body on the planet, but stubborn fat has some other ideas. It’s clinging to your midsection. It’s so aggravating. No matter what you do, you can’t get rid of that fat. You’re ready to get professional help. Before you jump into plastic surgery, look at another solution that can actually freeze fat. Discover the power of CoolSculpting®.

What Can CoolSculpting® Do for You?

CoolSculpting® can help you to sculpt your body. When you have an area with resistant fat, you can target it with this completely non-invasive procedure. You don’t have to worry about incisions or anesthesia. CoolSculpting® is based on cooling technology. A handheld device, or a larger panel that covers a more extensive area, is applied to your body. The device will send cooling energy that will penetrate beneath the surface of your skin, targeting the fat cells in the lower layers. The fat cells will freeze. Once they are frozen, they will die. Over time, the natural processes within will flush the dead cells away. You won’t see instant results. Be patient. In the coming months, you will notice that everything you wear has a better fit. You won’t see that pesky fat anymore!

Why Choose CoolSculpting®?

When you opt for CoolSculpting® to freeze fat, you won’t have to take time off to recover. Budget your time wisely and you might not even need to excuse yourself from work for your treatment. You’ll feel a cold sensation when your treatment begins. Your discomfort will be short-lived as the skin becomes numb in the site you are focusing on. You’re not putting yourself through the risks and healing that come with surgery. Everyone will see your gradual results and think you did it all by yourself.

Learn More About CoolSculpting® and its Benefits

If you’re tired of fighting with fat that won’t melt away, CoolSculpting® could freeze it away. Make an appointment at Physician Artistry to learn more. When you come in, you will be evaluated to make sure you are a good candidate for the procedure. There are a few medical conditions that could result in complications. If you are given the all-clear to freeze fat, you can look forward to achieving your dream body in the weeks that follow. Contact us today to book your appointment at our office in Sterling, VA.