Get Real Eyelash Growth with LATISSE

If you have short and sparse eyelashes, you may think you’re stuck with them. It used to be that there was nothing you could do for thinning lashes. Thankfully, those days are gone. Applying a simple prescription solution to the base of your eyelids each night for 16 weeks will help you grow noticeably longer, fuller and darker eyelashes. Take a look at the information below to discover how to get real eyelash growth with LATISSE®.


LATISSE® is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of sparse, thinning eyelashes. Whether you were born with lackluster lashes or have simply lost volume over the years, LATISSE® can improve the condition of your lashes. It’s been clinically shown to increase length, improve volume and darken lashes when used consistently for 16 weeks. It can be used by anyone with thinning lashes, but it tends to work particularly well for those with light-colored, short, thinning eyelashes. LATISSE® is only available by prescription from our doctor.

How It Works

The active ingredient in LATISSE® is called bimatoprost and actually one that is used in glaucoma medications. Glaucoma is a condition in which there is extra fluid and pressure on the eyeball. Patients who used this medicine noticed an unusual side effect in which their lashes were becoming longer. This led to the development and marketing of LATISSE® specifically for lash growth. It’s thought that the solution helps to lengthen the growth phase of the lash hair cycle. That means your eyelashes have a longer amount of time in which to grow, so they can grow longer and thicker.

What to Expect

When applied to the base of the upper eyelashes each night for a full 16 weeks according to product instructions, you can expect to see visible results. Many report noticing results around a month after starting. However, it’s important to continue applications for the entire recommended time period; otherwise, your lashes will start to thin again over the course of several weeks. Some people aren’t good candidates for use of LATISSE®. This is especially true if you’re allergic to bimatoprost or any ingredient in the solution. In addition, see your eye doctor if you have glaucoma or any other eye condition before using LATISSE®.

LATISSE® is a topical solution that promotes eyelash growth. It’s approved by the FDA and can lead to visibly fuller lashes. Visit Physician Artistry to discover if you’re a good candidate for this solution. Don’t stress about sparse lashes anymore. We can help! We are conveniently located in Sterling, VA. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!