Is GAINSWave Right For Me?

A lot of people are already familiar with GAINSWave® and the results experienced by numerous individuals. It is important to understand this treatment consists of acoustic sound waves used at a high frequency. The protocol is sold to medical offices to enable them to use and advertise this trademarked technology.

There are quite a few wave therapy devices on the market. These devices improve the flow of blood to the penis by using low intensity sound waves at a high frequency. As the popularity of this specific market continues to increase, it was inevitable there would be a lot of different devices on the market. It is important to understand, these devices do not offer all of the same benefits of GAINSWave®.

The way wave therapy works is by stimulating new blood vessel growth in the penis and by breaking up the formation of plaque located in the blood vessels. The result is an improved sexual function due to the increased flow of blood to the penis.

Wave therapy patients have the potential for a lot of different advantages. This type of therapy is different from traditional medications because the individuals do not have to take injections or oral drugs before they have sex. This therapy is non-invasive, so the need for surgery is eliminated. Side effects for this therapy are also few and fairly uncommon.

Vasculogenic ED is not uncommon among men. The cause is not enough blood flow to the penis. Wave therapy may not only benefit these men, but men with diabetes contributing to their condition. Wave therapy has been used for the treatment of men both unresponsive and responsive to the medication for ED. This therapy takes places in an office, is non-invasive, and does not require downtime.

Most men experience:

• An increase in erections
• An increase in sensitivity
• ED medications are more effective, less may need to be taken and the onset is faster
• An increase in the vasculature and girth of the penis
• An increase in erection time

If the above advantages are of interest for your situation, you may want to consider wave therapy. GAINSWave® was created to help men with both a metabolic disease and ED. The procedure is effective if the issue is being caused by either the nerves or the blood vessels. The treatment can prevent erectile dysfunction caused by the blood flow, painful erections and a curvature of the penis.

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