What is PRP facial rejuvenation?

This is a cutting edge medical procedure which combines collagen induction therapy with state of the art organic medical grade serum to provide a powerful synergistic effect. The goal is to generate a healthier, youthful, flawless appearing skin.

How does the PRP facial work?

Organic growth factors isolated from the patient’s blood combined with a state of the art German engineered physician grade medical needling system allows the patient to experience this amazing medical discovery. The procedure introduces thousands of micro-channels into the skin allowing a tremendous penetration of nutrient rich organic growth factors which facilitate ideal skin rejuvenation resulting in a more youthful glamorous appearance.

What will this do for you?

The supra-physiological release of growth factors into the correct depth of the skin allows the skin to tighten from increased production of collagen and elastin, glow with color by better distribution of melanin pigment, and soften for a beautiful younger and very natural result.

How do you know the PRP facial is right for you?

This is designed for those who would prefer to take a more organic approach to aging gracefully and minimize their “signs of sophistication”, lax skin, wrinkles, UV damage, hyperpigmentation and scarring without surgery, harsh lasers, or injecting unnatural ingredients. Of course there are a few delicate situations where this procedure would not be recommended but our providers are highly trained and passionate about recommending the right procedure for you.

Learn more about PRP facial rejuvenation

Our state of the art German engineered medical device is designed to minimize discomfort and provides greater control in hard to treat areas. Our device has a patented tilting surgical needle plate, which adjusts to the surface of the face similar to an electric razor. With our powerful topical numbing cream there is minimal to zero discomfort. This allows us to treat the entire face including around the eyes, nose and upper lip.