The Power of PelleFirm for Cellulite Reduction

It is hard to look you best when you are dealing with lumpy and bumpy skin caused by cellulite. The tricky thing about cellulite is that you can be in perfect shape and still have to deal with dimpled skin. The condition is actually caused by weakened connective tissue in the body, so it can still affect people with very little fat on their legs and butt. While you may not be able to prevent this common skin condition, you do not have to let it destroy you appearance forever. You can quickly and safely experience cellulite reduction by using PelleFirm®.

What Is PelleFirm®?

PelleFirm® is a new non-invasive cellulite reduction procedure. This is safely and effectively achieved using radiofrequency energy. This energy heats and massages the tissues under the skin, which helps the lymphatic system remove fluid waste from the body. Once this fluid is removed from the body, your cellulite will naturally disappear after a short period of time. Since fluid waste will continue to build up in the lymphatic system, this treatment needs to be performed on a regular basis in order to keep your cellulite from returning in the future.

What to Expect During Your Procedure

Once you get comfortable in the exam room, a medical professional will place the PelleFirm® device directly on your skin to deliver radiofrequency energy to your tissues. The device will be slowly moved around your body until all of cellulite is treated. The length of the procedure will obviously be determined by the amount of cellulite on your body, but most people can be treated in less than one hour. You will not have to worry about any discomfort during the procedure. The warm massage provided by the PelleFirm® device is actually quite relaxing.

What to Expect After Your Treatment

Since the PelleFirm® procedure only uses radiofrequency heat to reduce your cellulite, you will be able to go home immediately after the appointment. There will also be absolutely no restrictions on your actions once you get home. You will have to return in two weeks to undergo another treatment session. This process will continue until you are happy with your cellulite reduction. This will likely take at least a few months. Once your full treatment plan is finished, you will need to return every six months to undergo a maintenance session. If you follow the recommended treatment plan, then you will never have to worry about your cellulite returning in the future.

There is no reason to let cellulite ruin your appearance and happiness. Restore your self-confidence by getting the body you deserve at Physician Artistry in Sterling, VA. Contact us today to schedule your cellulite reduction consultation!