What Can CoolSculpting Do for Me?

As the winter months come to an end and people start thinking about summer, their mind begins to imagine how they are going to look in their summer clothing. Unfortunately, because many people find themselves eating more and being less active than over the winter months, they put on extra pounds. When they actually try on their summer clothing, especially their swim trunks or bathing suit, they realize that the way they actually look is different than how they imagined themselves looking. This leads many people to seriously consider non-surgical treatments designed to help them remove fat. One popular treatment of this sort is CoolSculpting®.

Whence Did This Treatment Originate?

If you are hearing about CoolSculpting® for the first time, it’s understandable that you’re asking yourself where this treatment is from and if can it be trusted. CoolSculpting® is a treatment developed by doctors and researchers working with children. The doctors noticed that children who ate many frozen treats would eventually develop a dimples in their cheeks. The medical professionals soon realized what caused the dimples: the destruction of fat cells on the parts of their faces exposed to cold.

This resulted in more study, more research, and the eventual development of the CoolSculpting® treatment. This treatment relies on the fact that fat is more temperature sensitive than skin. During the treatment, controlled cooling is used to bring the fat in the treated area down to a temperature where it is destroyed. However, the skin cells and other tissue in the area remain virtually unaffected by the controlled cooling.

What to Expect During the Treatment

During the treatment, you are reclined or completely laying down in a chair or bed. Your treatment session may vary in length based on which area(s) of your body are to be addressed. The controlled cooling is used to crystallize your fat cells. The entire treatment is so relaxing that many individuals who have it done actually bring their laptop with them so they can work or watch a movie while the machine is doing its work.

Once the fat cells have been brought down to a set temperature, they freeze. They will eventually release their fat content. The fat content along with of the cellular debris is absorbed by the lymphatic system and removed with other waste. Over the course of a few months, a person will start to notice that the fat in the treated area disappears.

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