Who Qualifies for GAINSWave?

The GAINSWave® protocol has been proven to improve sexual performance in men and keep the penis healthy. The procedure opens the blood vessels in the sexual organ with high frequency acoustic waves. This eliminates micro plaque and establishes new blood vessel growth. The result is more sustainable, harder and stronger erections. The numerous benefits of this procedure include:

  • An increased sensation to the penis
  • Erection enhancement
  • Better orgasms
  • An improved sexual performance
  • More spontaneous erections

The effects of GAINSWave® have been medically proven to last for years. There are few to no side effects associated with this procedure. There is also clinical research obtained through multiple studies showing the shock wave therapy used for this procedure is extremely effective. The number of treatments necessary are dependent on the specific goals of the man. Performance can be further optimized with both performance and preventative maintenance programs.

The difference between GAINSWave® and medications is this procedure does not require taking any pills or remembering to refill prescriptions. It is also an excellent choice for men unable to use ED medications due to a variety of medical conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. There are numerous additional advantages over other procedures for male enhancement including:

  • The procedure does not require surgery or taking drugs
  • The procedure takes place in an office and only requires a matter of minutes
  • There is absolutely no downtime
  • The results last for a long time
  • The procedure is non-invasive
  • There are few if any side effects

The protocol addresses poor blood flow, the root cause of erectile dysfunction. The treatment has also been proven to increase sexual performance while eliminating the potentially harmful side effects.

The Best Candidates for GAINSWave®

This is an opportunity for male enhancement, a better performance, no side effects, no need to refill prescriptions or take pills and a more satisfied sexual partner. The procedure benefits men whether they have been impacted with erectile dysfunction or not. This therapy was created to help men achieve a much better performance. Ideal candidates will harbor realistic expectations about this process in terms of what it can accomplish.

Get In Touch with Us for More Information

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